World’s Most Photographic Spots

If you are looking for photographic spots that will truly wow your captive audiences on social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, here are some places to consider for your next vacation. Just be sure to read over your government’s active travel warnings and make your plans accordingly before you decide to check out of town.

Image Source: Hans via Pixabay.

America. There are naturally plenty of photographic opportunities in this country, with options ranging from big cities filled with skyscrapers to scenic canyons in the Midwest.

Image Source: Pixies via Pixabay.

Patagonia. Taking up portions of both Argentina and Chile, this scenic region is a godsend for nature lovers, photographers, and other adventurous sorts.

Image Source: TravelCoffeeBook via Pixabay.

Nepal. If you aren’t afraid of heights, then this country sandwiched between China and India might be a great place for your next vacation. Just be aware that Nepal is home to the infamous Tenzing-Hillary airport, which is regularly listed as being among the world’s scariest spots to land.

Image Source: CosmoShiva via Pixabay.

Slovenia. Although it you might not have previously heard of it, many people named this European country as a great spot to take some beautiful photographs.

Image Source: Holgerheinze0 via Pixabay.

New Zealand. Regularly used as a filming location for epic sagas like Lord of the Rings and the Shannara Chronicles, this country at the end of the earth has a lot going for it.

Image Source: Tpsdave via Pixabay.

Spain. Not only home to great food and wine, this country is also the location for world-renowned festivals like La Tomatina and The Running of the Bulls. So its no surprise that you’ve probably seen Spain on your friends’ Pinterest boards at some point.

Image Source: Rob0100 via Pixabay.

Australia. For sheer gorgeousness, it’s hard to beat Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. However, the country is filled with plenty of other photographic spots such as the Great Ocean Road and Ayer’s Rock.

Image Source: Josch13 via Pixabay.

Thailand. If you’re looking for a pretty tropical paradise, the land of a thousand smiles is one country you don’t want to miss. The local cuisine is also quite tasty and the current exchange rate make it a godsend for budget travelers.

Image Source: Tpsdave via Pixabay.

Iceland. While paying a visit here is bound to set you back more than it might in other places, it’s certainly worth spending a little extra to see spectacular scenery like the Northern Lights in person.

Image Source: Public Domain Pictures via Pixabay.

Vietnam. This affordable country remains a generally undiscovered spot for now. However, the word is getting out about the tasty local cuisine and gorgeous views so it might not remain under the radar for much longer.

Image Source: Stevepb via Pixabay.

And as always, happy travels!

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Top Tips to Improve your Business Travel in 2017

Many people think the idea of travelling for work sounds amazing, but if this is something you’re regularly used to, you’re probably dealing with jetlag, long flights, meetings scheduled in new time zones, and trying to make the trip as efficient as possible.

There are plenty of benefits of business travel, including meeting new people, working your way up the career ladder, and seeing the world, however business travellers are constantly pressed for time. Here are some top tips to improve your business travel in 2017:

Stay online

If you’re the type who can’t sleep on planes, or you’re taking a day flight, choose an airline that offers in-flight wifi. While this can be expensive, you’ll be able to work for most of the flight- meaning you can be productive and accessible as if you’re at home and you’ll have more time up your sleeve when you land.

Before leaving, either activate a roaming plan on your phone if you’re away for a few days or buy a local SIM as soon as you’re on the ground. This will allow you to easily stay in contact with friends, family members, and coworkers while you’re away.

Download Key Apps

If your company has an expense-claim platform app this can be hugely helpful, or there are a number of apps like CamScanner that allow you to scan documents like receipts and send them as pdfs. Receipt Bank is also a good way to record your company expenses.

For iPhone users, you can download boarding passes into the Wallet app, while TripAdvisor and Zomato are great for finding things to do or places to eat in your new area. Gmail, Google Docs, Skype, and Slack are all great ways options for staying on top of your workload, and Gmail Offline is a good way to get some work done while you’re away from wifi.

Plan ahead

It’s a good idea to pre-select your seat, particularly if you’re flying long-haul. SeatGuru will show you the best spots. Some airlines will block out the best seats so that their high-status fliers can choose from them, and then will release any remaining seats 24-48 hours before the flight.

If you have a long stopover, see if your airport has a hotel or pool you can access without needing to go through customers. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Singapore have excellent facilities so you freshen up and get some exercise in between flights.


Even if you’re only travelling carry-on, it pays to ensure that your luggage is brimming with all the portable accessories you need. That means portable battery packs, USB chargers, cables, plug converters, noise-cancelling headphones, sleep masks, laptop, kindle, phone, and of course, any medication that you need- along with melatonin or 5HTP to help with jetlag.

Buy Insurance

Don’t forget to insure yourself before you leave. If you’re travelling through the United States, this could be a hugely expensive mistake. Keep in mind that travel insurance won’t cover you if you’ve been drinking, so take it easy on those business lunches.

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Cities With Great Food in 2017

If you’re looking for a vacation destination that combines great food with excellent cultural offerings, here are some cities that are definitely worth looking into.

Image Source: Baklava via Pixabay.

Barcelona.  Spain has recently hit the travel radar for being a prime food destination and an affordable one at that. A basic daily budget of $60 per person should cover a dorm bed, basic transportation, food and some attractions while they’re in town. Of course, travelers looking for a private room or wanting to do more activities should plan accordingly. Food enthusiasts might also want to journey over to San Sebastian on the Atlantic coast for even more good eats during their travels.

Image Source: Public Domain Pictures via Pixabay.

New Orleans. Although it took a beating during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, this Southern town has long since reclaimed its spot as a prime American culinary destination. Shrimp, gumbo, and beignets are just a few of the items that you can expect to find on most menus. Of course, travelers should allot around $75 per person per day to cover their basic expenses. Since there aren’t many hostels in the city, you might find yourself spending more on accommodations than you normally would.

Image Source: Zalazaksunca via Pixabay.

Bologna. What do Parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, and Parma hams all have in common? The fact that they originate from the area surrounding this Italian city, of course! While most people will choose to head to popular towns like Rome or Venice on their vacation, this town makes an easy and tasty stopover to the traditional Italian itinerary. It’s also an affordable stop with budget travelers being able to get by on about $70 per day. If you have some time on your hands, you might also want to swing over to Florence for even more great dining options.

Image Source: RitaE via Pixabay.

Other cities that are known for their great food offerings include Singapore, Copenhagen, Santiago, and Vancouver. Of course, countries that you generally should check out if you want something to try something tasty while you’re on the road include France, Italy, Thailand, Morocco, China, Vietnam, Japan, Greece, India, and Mexico.

As always, happy travels!

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